CHQ News 04-07-2018

After the meeting with CGM(EW); CGM has revised the EE(E) post upgradation proposal from 145 to 248 for post of EE(E). AIBSNLEA will pursue for early promotion orders.

CHQ News 04-07-2018

Left out promotion order of SDE to DE grade:

The CPC for 638 un-assessed cases completed. Promotion Orders are expected shortly.


SDE to DE promotion orders – un-accessed cases:

Comrades, attached list is a list of un-accessed cases. All the District Secretaries are requested to forward screening committee report in single excel file itself (list 5, 6,7, 8 in separate sheets, if possible of all pending cased urgently by tomorrow to AGM (DPC), BSNL Corporate Office positively.

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CHQ News 30.06.2018

A Report on the Meeting of Central Office Bearers, Advisors, Consultants and Circle Secretaries held on 28.6.2018 and 29.6.2018.

A meeting of the Central Office Bearers, Advisors, Consultants, and Circle Secretaries was held at Hotel Grand Southern, Karol Bag, New Delhi. Com. Shivakumar, President welcomed one and all. He mentioned in his address that the meeting is called in a crucial juncture and will have to discuss many important issues in the meeting and requested all to actively participate in the deliberations.

After self-introduction, Agenda items were presented and the agenda items were passed unanimously.

Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary has submitted the report on the activities.   He has briefed about the difficulties faced after the membership verification due to the anti-activities of the majority association in support with few of the officers in the corporate office. He also mentioned about the support he received from the top level management and how AIBSNLEA over came from such situation.

GS also expressed about the activities of CPSU CH, activities of the anti-executive Majority Association on the CPSU CH, intervention of the AIBSNLEA on the CPSU CH and its present status. He appreciated the support of CMD, BSNL and Director (HR) during the time of crisis after the membership verification, subsequent realization  of the management that recognizing only one association as Majority Association will not be in the larger interest of the executives and BSNL at a large.

GS also brief about the status of the Court Case at Allahabad High Court regarding the Recognition Rules. GS requested all the Circle Secretaries to brief about the activities taken by respective circles to increase the membership after membership verification.

GS further informed that AIBSNLEA is lacking in marketing. All the achievements of the AIBSNLEA are marketed by Majority Association, as their own achievement. He requested all to counter the false claim of the Majority Association and propagate the efforts and achievement of the AIBSNLEA which will help in increasing its membership.

Circle-wise membership position was discussed in detail along with the action plan to increase the membership. Circle Secretaries present in the meeting has submitted the report on the performance of the circles. Organising Secretaries has presented the report of the Circles under their jurisdiction. All the AGSs, Advisors and Consultants also submitted their reports.

GS while summing up has mentioned that details of the membership are now available with the CHQ.  Wherever there are no branches, Circles will have to take action to form branches at all SSAs. He also mentioned that next referendum will have to be faced by AIBSNLEA alone.  All the Circle those not conducted the Circle conference should the Circle Conference before the ensuing CWC at Dehradun. He requested OS (North) to extend full support to UP (E) and support the ACS who is holding the charge of CS. The organizational situation of Gujarat Circle was discussed in details.  The body has authorized Com. B S Reddy and Com. Rajpal to visit Gujarat Circle and settle the issue within 15 days.

GS further informed that before the CWC at Dehradun, all the Circle Secretaries will have to update the circle websites.    CHQ Website should be regularly updated by Com. Bhagwan Singh. GS informed that the he will ensure that the CPSU CH is made applicable to PA PS Cadre and change of cadre controlling authority from Director (HR) to CGM will also be taken up along with pending cases of holding of CPCs of PA to PS promotion case of stenos drawing the pay scale of Executives under ACP scheme.

He has mentioned that many of the consultants are regularly contacting the GS and guide the CHQ from time to time. GS condemned the criticizing of consultants in whatsapp and requested to not repeat such activities by the leaders. It was decided that the Admin of the whatsapp group should issue instructions that it is only for exchanging the information and not to be used for criticism.

The meeting congratulated the Raj Bhasha Adhikari for their promotion orders from E1-E2 pay scale, due to the efforts of AIBSNLEA.

Welfare Scheme:  Details of the scheme will have to be displayed in the CHQ website.  Separate account will have to be opened for the welfare scheme. 

CPSU CADRE HEIRARCHY:  After lot of discussions and deliberations, it was decided not to oppose the CPSU CH by the AIBSNLEA.

GS briefed about the status of 3 PRC, efforts taken, reply received from DoT and about the various meetings in various departments of DPE, DoT, BSNL, MoC, etc.  He informed the present status and mentioned that the reply for the DoT query is being made by GM SR and the details of the discussions taken in the All India Unions and Associations. 

He has also mentioned about the details of the anti AIBSNLEA activities taken by the GS SNEA and the letter written by GS SNEA against the continuance of the GS AIBSNLEA in office after the retirement. President and GS mentioned about the displeasure of AIBSNLEA on the anti-AIBSNLEA activities of GS SNEA and the reaction of the GS BSNLEU on the action of GS SNEA. He also briefed about the assurance of GS BSNLEU in settling the issue with GS SNEA.

After lot of discussions and deliberations, it was decided to continue and lead the All Unions and Associations forum for the implementation of the 3 PRC for the largest interest of the executives and non-executives of BSNL keeping away difference of opinion with the GS SNEA.

GS briefed in detail about the actions taken by the Association in order to pursue the management to hold CPCs before implementation of the CPSU CH, in order to extend maximum benefit to the executives.  He also explained about the activities of the GS SNEA which are making hurdles in holding the CPCs on the plea of immediate implementation of CPSU CH.  He mentioned about the activities and efforts taken including the withdrawal of court cases to succeed the holding of CPCs.  He has mentioned the status of the CPCs of all the disciplines and grades.

The AD OL cadre has been restructured and E2 scale has been granted w.e.f. 1.10.2000 notionally.  House has appreciated the efforts of the GS, as the case of AD OL was only pursued by AIBSNLEA and no other association done anything for the cadre.

After the allotment of accommodation for the AIBSNLEA in the IR area, the complete area was renovated and the entire staff and officers are appreciating the association.

The issue of co-ordination and forming united forum with the AIGETOA was discussed in detail.  It was decided to keep the relation with all.

It was also discussed that the matter is subjudice in the Allahabad High Court.  Hence the same may be submitted to the BSNL Management and no action can be taken

It was unanimously passed that Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary be continued as G.S. AIBSNLEA till the next AIC is held.

Farewell Party to Shri R K Mittal, Director (CM),  BSNL Board:

AIBSNLEA on 29.06.2018 during lunch hours arranged a farewell party to Shri R.K. Mittal, Director (CM), BSNL Board, who is retiring on superannuation on 30.06.2018. Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR); Shri H C Pant, CGM (Legal); Shri Keshav Rao, GM (Pers); Shri Sourabh Tyagi, GM (Estt); Shri A M Gupta, GM (SR); Smt. Smita Choudhari, GM (FP); Shri Manish Kumar, Jt. GM (Pers); Shri V K Sinha, OSD to Director (HR) and Shri Surendra Kumar CLO have attended the party.

Com B S Reddy, AGS (Engg), CHQ welcomed all the dignitaries and all the dignitaries were felicitated.

Com. Shivkumar in his welcome address thanked all the dignitaries and guest for their support and help for completing the CPCs and issuing order in a record short time and wished happy retired life to Shri R.K. Mittal.

Com. Prahlad Rai in his address mentioned that Shri R.K. Mittal being the Director (CM) due to his strategic move BSNL could adjust and survive the market against the free service introduced by the Reliance Jio. He mentioned that Reliance Jio is proposing the IPO and will collect the money from the market and will take ‘U’ turn and stop offering the free service and BSNL can further compete with the market and BSNL will continue its strength, quality of service  which was possible for MNP to a great extent. 

BSNL in the CM segment has maintained a very good service which was possible due to the vision and action of Shri Mittal in a silent manner. Higher revenue was earning by the BSNL from the CM segment. The loss of BSNL could reduce only because of the CM segment. BSNL is working with dedicated and hard working team. BSNL is given popularity in the telecom sector of the country. Motivation factors have been developed in the minds of the employees.

It is proved beyond doubt that BSNL can turn around due to dedicated hardworking of Director (F).

In the enterprises business also lot of revenue has been earned. CFA segment was facing lot of problems due to non availability of tenders and after joining of Shri N K Gupta, the then Director (CFA) has improved the situation. It was difficult for the field officers to work without materials and now the situation has been changed by procuring the material required and providing adequate support to the field requirement.

The team work of Board of Director under the leadership of CMD, BSNL only instrumental for the BSNL to turn around to the present situation.  GS thanked Shri Mittal for accepting the invitation and wished him a happy and prosperous retired life. He mentioned that while working in office, every day there is challenge and many issues are creating de-motivation and frustration and the retirement with all the benefit is the greatest achievement of life.  He is retiring with honour and congratulated him.

He thanked Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) for accepting the invitation and leading the organization in the capacity of Director (HR) and only she had taken care of the executives

He thanked Keshav Rao, GM (Pers) for working day & night to complete the CPCs and issuing promotion orders for all segment of executives.

He also mentioned that without the help of CGM (Legal), it would not have been possible to complete the CPCs in a record time.  He also mentioned that CGM (Legal) was very kind enough with positive in pursuing with the case.

He also thanked Shri Surendra Kumar CLO and Shri V K Sinha, OSD to Director (HR) for their support and guidance.

He also thanked  Smt. Smitha Choudhari, GM (F) for issuing the promotion more than 2400 JAOs to AOs

He also thanked Sourabh Tyagi GM (Estt)  for giving impartial guidance and support. He also thanked Shri Gupta GM (SR) for giving positive advice and being a very good supporter and keeping liaison between the management and the associations.

He mentioned that AIBSNLEA is making efforts from 2011 onwards for the CPSU CH and since the same could not be implemented from with retrospective effect, we were eager to complete the CPCs before the implementation of the CPSU CH and thanked the entire team for holding the CPCs and requested Director (HR) to complete whatever possible CPCs before issue of CPSU CH.  He also requested to issue the Civil Electrical Executive Engineer promotion which is pending in the personal section and give great relief to the cadre.

He thanked Director (HR) for approving the pay scale of Rajbasha Adhikari.  Many things, which were never expected by any of the associations under the leadership of Director (HR) could achieve, which was possible due to the team work and positive and support of great leader like Smt. Sujata Ray Madam.

Com. Prahlad Rai has appreciated and thanked the Director (HR) for creating the software and platform for the BSNL retirees and requested to settle the medical re-imbursement which is pending since April.

He thanked everyone for the patient hearing.

Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) thanked the AIBSNLEA team for arranging such a felicitation for Shri R K Mittal, Director (CM).  She mentioned that the contribution of Shri R.K. Mittal with his sharp and analytical skill was an asset for the BSNL management to have as Director like Shri Mittal in the BSNL Board.  She mentioned that the entire board plays a very vital and cohesive roll under the leadership of Shri Anupam Shrivastawa.

She mentioned that she is very fortunate to have the entire team of Personal section and Shri Mittal as a colleague in the BSNL Board.  She mentioned that the approach of Shri Mittal was very open and was co-operative in arriving the decisions.  BSNL board has got very much help from the support of Shri Mittal who has lot of skills, knowledge and help to his colleague and CMD.  She mentioned that Shri Mittal was very bravely with sheer knowledge and uprightness has brought the GSM market to the former glory which will help to further revive the CM sector. The entire credit goes to Shri Mittal and he is hero of BSNL.  She also mentioned that she was really placed good roll as colleagues and she was able to take many decision in the finance sector. She mentioned that she is waiting to hear Shri Mittal so that plan and act in the remaining service. She mentioned that we are emotionally attached with the organization and she is blessed with wonderful board, colleagues, HR team gifted with many skills.  She mentioned that she is fortunate and lucky to sort out the court cases and issue maximum promotion orders to promote as many as possible.  She also thanked Shri Mittal for his support given for the finalization of the CPSU CH. She mentioned that people are working very hard and will try to sort out as many as issues at the earliest. She mentioned while celebrating the victory, not to pull down those who are fortunate to have success. Wisdom experience and good decision will preserve for the tomorrow’s BSNL within a year or so and we should have selective happiness and rejoice together and work together and wished Shri Mittal whose presence has enriched the BSNL Board and wished him a happy fruitful and relaxed retired life.

Shri R K Mittal, Director (CM) in his addressed mentioned that he is very much thankful for the felicitation given to him.  In his addressed he remembered the days he worked in MTNL while selected him as Director of BSNL. He mentioned that, it was not easy for him to get selected as Board of Director of BSNL and it is Herculean task to become a Board member.  He mentioned he is not regretting his decision to join the BSNL board missing his 7th pay commission benefit.  He also mentioned that in the struggle to revive BSNL he has selected few para meters like MNP by providing quality service. He has mentioned that BSNL was MNP positive for the last 3 consecutive years with more than 15 lakh in the year 17-18. He mentioned that he was to do many more things to do, but due to time availability constraint, he has limitations. He mentioned that if given a chance, he will be happy to serve BSNL further.

He has congratulated the Director (HR) while referring the CPCs in the mass scale, and mentioned that the entire team which is resilience of BSNL that such kind of work can be done in BSNL within a short span of time by working day and night.  He has thanked his colleagues in the board, CMD and thanked every one for giving opportunity to serve the BSNL.

Com. C.M. Saste, Organising Secretary, CHQ thanked every one for their presence and support. Meeting ended with Nation anthem.


Congratulations !!!

DGM (Adhoc-Fin) to DGM (Regular – Fin) orders issued:

AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released regularisation of Deputy General Manager (Ad-hoc) in Telecom Finance to the grade of Deputy General Manager on regular basis  <<<Click here for Letter>>>

SDE (E) to EE (E) promotion orders issued: AIBSNLEA’s consistent efforts yielded result in getting released promotion orders to the grade of EE (Electrical) on Regular basis with immediate effects. AIBSNLEA congratulates all the promote officers.<<<Click here for Orders>>>


Congratulations !!!

AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Regular Promotion and postings of the Executive in the grade of AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs. 29100-54500/-

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Promotion of JTOs (TF) to the grade of SDE (TF) in B.S.N.L. against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota (Promotion quota) <<<Click here for list>>>

Promotion and posting of Executives in the grade of AGM/DE of Telecom Factory Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs 29100-54500/-<<<Click here for list>>>

Regular Promotion and postings of the Executive in the grade of AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs. 29100-54500/-  <<Click here for  order>>> (SC/ST List)

28-06-2018 CHQ News

CPC from SDE (T) to DE (T):

Com. GS discussed with G.M. (Pers) and requested for releasing the promotion order from SDE (T) to DE.  GM (Pers) mentioned that CPC work is in progress.  The promotion orders may be issued today late evening or tomorrow. 

Dear Comrades, please have patience.  AIBSNLEA is continuously pursuing the matter.  Ultimately promotion orders are to be issued by Pers. Cell only not by others who are giving minute to minute basis commentary.  GM (Pers) categorically told that my staff working for CPC should not be disturbed by any one by sitting there.