CHQ News 05-07-2018

Holding of CPCs to promote all eligible executives vis a vis CPSU CH –  AIBSNLEA efforts:

AIBSNLEA is continuing its efforts for holding of CPCs to get promoted all eligible executives of various disciplines by up-gradation of posts. In continuation to this 1200 CAO posts and 248 EE (Electrical) posts for up gradation, files are pending for approval by the competent authority. We are pursuing the matter vigorously. Similarly we are also trying to get promoted SDEs from the List no. 8 as about 2800 DE through up-gradation, about 8000 JTOs are going to be promoted against SDE’s vacant posts and up-graded posts and 200 EE (civil) through up-gradation. In Arch, TF streams requisite numbers of posts are to be up-graded to bring parity with other cadres.

To examine the SC/ST roaster implementation in CPSU cadre hierarchy, a committee has been formed under the chairmanship of CGM (Legal), BSNL Corporate Office. Thereafter only, the CPSU CH may come into existence. AIBSNLEA is committed for  promotions in all the cadres without discrimination through CPCs before implementation of CPSU CH.

CHQ News 05-07-2018

Promotions in Civil Wing:

GS discussed with CGM (BW) regarding promotions in Civil Wing from JTO (Civil) to SDE (Civil) and SDE (Civil) to EE (Civil) . We extended our sincere thanks for issuing promotion orders from JTO (Civil) to SDE (Civil) and SDE (Civil) to EE (Civil) and further request to promote all eligible JTO and SDE Civil to their next grade by up-grading the requisite number of SDE and EE posts. CGM (BW) appreciated our concern and assured for sending the proposal for up-gradation of posts of SDE and EE Civil.

CHQ News 04-07-2018

JTO (T) to SDE (T) promotions under SCF quota:

BSNl Corporate Office asks details of JTOs appointed / promoted up to JTO Recruitment Year 2008 including the VC and Screening Committee report containing ACR/APAR details for considering these JTOs for promotions against the vacancy year 2011-12 onwards.

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All the Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly bestow their personal attention and arrange to submit the desired information to BSNL corporate Office at the earliest.

CHQ News 04-07-2018

Congratulations !!! 773 nos. SDE (T) to AGM (T)  promotion orders issued [Left out]:

AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released Regular Promotion and postings of the Executive in the grade of AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA scale of pay of Rs. 29100-54500/=[Left Out]  ………..

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AIBSNLEA is extremely thankful to CMD, BSNL, Direrctor(HR), CGM(Legal), GM(Pers.), GM(Estt.),  GM(SR), Jt. GM(Pers.), DGM(Legal), OSD to Director(HR)  and the concerned officers of Pers. Cell, who involved in the process of CPCs and completed successfully by their Hard Work within the assigned dead line.

CHQ News 04-07-2018

After the meeting with CGM(EW); CGM has revised the EE(E) post upgradation proposal from 145 to 248 for post of EE(E). AIBSNLEA will pursue for early promotion orders.

CHQ News 04-07-2018

Left out promotion order of SDE to DE grade:

The CPC for 638 un-assessed cases completed. Promotion Orders are expected shortly.


SDE to DE promotion orders – un-accessed cases:

Comrades, attached list is a list of un-accessed cases. All the District Secretaries are requested to forward screening committee report in single excel file itself (list 5, 6,7, 8 in separate sheets, if possible of all pending cased urgently by tomorrow to AGM (DPC), BSNL Corporate Office positively.

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