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(1) Gujarat Circle Administration Unit issues orders for look after arrangement in the cadre of DGMs.  

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(2) Gujarat Circle Administration Unit issues orders for promotion and postings of regular DEs/ AGMs level executives of Telecom Operation stream to the grade of DGM (T) on adhoc basis. 

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Circle Secretary along with CP, FS & CWC member met Hon. Dir HR on 30.04.2017 and discussed various HR issues of executives of Gujarat Circle. The overall discussion was very fruitful .

In the evening Circle team met Hon. DIR CFA and discussed various development related issues.  AIBSNLEA has given lots of suggestions to increase the customer base and revenue in CFA segment and to improve the BSNL services. Hon. DIR CFA welcomed and appreciated our views. Overall discussion was very Positive.

We are very much thankful to Hon. Dir HR and Hon. DIR CFA for Positive  response.  

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Gujarat circle office Adminitration unit endorses letter reg. revised reporting structure i.r.o. JTOs/ SDEs of Telecom Operation Stream in the wake of huge shortage of manpower.

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25-04-2017 CHQ News.

AIBSNLEA  supports  AIGETOA  agitation

AIBSNLEA has extended its support to the agitation of AIGETOA in view of the common demands for which we jointly struggled in the past under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations. The arbitrary notification of E1A & E2A intermediatory pay scales by DoT has lowered the status of JTO & SDE equivalent executives. Future recruitment of JTO & JAO will take place in E1 pay scale only. This fact was well known that DoT has processed E1A & E2A intermediatory pay scales then how the said Majority Executive Associations has allowed its notification. In the recent referendum of Executives’ Associations, the so called “Majority Association” has been given all negotiation powers on policy matters concerning to the executives in BSNL. Hence, the “Majority Association” just after the notification of these intermediatory pay scales should have exhausted all negotiation channels in BSNL & DoT to get withdrawal of this notification instead of jumping into agitation directly. However, it is up-to them to take such decision. AIGETOA has preferred to align with the “Majority Association” for the settlement of HR issues leaving aside the platform of United Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA.

AIBSNLEA, eventhough is committed to support AIGETOA in their efforts for settlement of the genuine HR issues but AIBSNLEA can’t be mortgaged to some associations. AIBSNLEA is struggling for getting limited Trade Union Facilities at All India Level/Circle Level & SSA Level with BSNL Management through court cases.

At present after the referendum process AIBSNLEA CHQ, Circles & SSAs are not mentally prepared for the agitation. In case the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/District Office Bearers & Members are victimized by the management, AIBSNLEA does not have any recognized channel to save them.

In view of this, AIBSNLEA decided to extend its solidarity support to AIGETOA struggle. We extend our best wishes for the success of their struggle & settlement of HR issues through the ongoing path.



Gujarat Circle Finance Wing issues orders reg. JAOs induction Training Phase-I (4 weeks) for Departmental  candidates against LICE for promotion to the grade of 40% quota held on 17.O7.2016, Training commencing from 08.05.2017 to 02.O6.2O17-reg.

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Gujarat Circle Finance Unit Endorses Letter from BSNL Corporate office reg. provisional seniority/ Gradation List in the Grade of Asst. Account Officers/ Junior Account Officers in BSNL as on 31.03.2017.

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