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28-11-2017 CHQ News

Strike Notice for two day strike on 12th and 13th December 2017:

All Unions and Associations of BSNL have served a notice for two day strike on 12th and 13th December 2017. 

<<<Click here for the letter >>>>>>.

AIBSNLEA is also a constituent of this forum and requests all of its  District / Branch Secretaries to ensure 100% participation in the proposed STRIKE on 12th and 13th December 2017  on the call of all the Unions and Associations of BSNL.  

25-11-2017 CHQ News.

Executive Diary – 2018 of AIBSNLEA

AIBSNLEA is bringing out BSNL EXECUTIVE DIARY-2018 which is containing updated information on service matters mostly concerning the BSNL employees and also important information on Telecom Engineering, Financial matters including GST. The important features of the Diary which was brought out last year by the Association are having place in this diary. The Executive Diary with improved quality and features is having full page for each day.

The diary will be ready for dispatch by the mid of December-2017. The price has been fixed at a competitive rate of Rs. 160/- (Rs. One Hundred Sixty only) per copy including postage / freight charges and GST.

Bulk orders in advance (Not less than for 20 Executive Diaries) are requested so that early dispatch of the consignment may be ensured. While placing the orders kindly intimate the name of the consignee officer along with his name, mailing address, PINCODE of the City and the Mobile Number for timely receipt of the material.

Please note that AIBSNLEA does not trade the Diaries. It only facilitate knowledge sharing of BSNL employees with the latest developments in the company on both technical and financial/administrative segments with a NO LOSS NO PROFIT basis.  

For further details and placement of orders, please contact at the following address:-

Shri T.C. Jain, FS, AIBSNLEA [Mob: 9868188748] OR Shri N.L. Sharma, AGS (HQ), AIBSNLEA [Mob: 9868115301], CH-17-2-15, P&T Chemmery Staff Quarters, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001 Email: FAX No: 011 23315315

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HUMAN CHAIN ON 23.11.2017

All the Circle / District Secretaries are requested to ensure 100% participation in the proposed HUMAN CHAIN ON 23.11.2017 call given by all the Unions and Associations of BSNL.

21-11-2017 CHQ News

Preparation for e-DPC -Requirement of APARs of all AGM/DES working on regular basis:

BSNL Corporate Office issues reminder to forward Screening Committee report and APARs of all AGM/DE(T) working on regular basis. The report of the AGMs (Regular)  working is not yet received from some of the circles i.e. ETP, JKND J&K, INSP, NTP, NTR, UKND & WTR. <<<Click here for the list>>>> and <<<Click here for the letter>>>> 

All the Branch / District Secretaries are requested to ensure timely dispatch of these pending APARs at the earliest so that the long awaited DPC can be held.

CHQ News

Betrayal towards BSNL Executives on issue of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy :

*The CPSU Cadre Hierarchy (CCH) is secretly planned by SNEA with Pers. Cell of BSNL only for smooth implementation of DOT’s order on E1 & E2 scales in BSNL at the cost of the executives career.*

The SNEA leadership while uploading the secretly planned CCH (They themselves admitted in same posting) never related the existing pay scales with the proposed Hierarchy. As in reality those are perfectly matching with the DOT’s order E1 for JTO, E2 For SDE and that is the reason for which all this secrecy about.
Pl see how perfectly it is matched.
E1 – JTO/JAO (Dy Manager)
E2 – SDE/AO (Manager)
E3 – SrSDE/SrAO ( Sr Manager)
E4 – DE/CAO ( Asst. GM).
E5 – DGM

Otherwise had the demand of SNEA E2 for JTO and E3 for SDE was genuine, they would have never agreed to such CCH proposal. Because in that situation the ideal proposal should have been:
E2 – JTO/JAO (Dy Manager)
E3 – SDE/AO (Manager)
E4 – SrSDE/SrAO ( Sr Manager)
E5 – DE/CAO ( Asst. GM).
E6 – DGM

But SNEA is all along opposing the cascading demand on all scales and demand only E2 for JTO and E3 for SDE which means if the same demand is achieved without cascading then in the proposed CCH the pay structure will be:
E2 – JTO/JAO (Dy Manager)
*E3 – SDE/AO (Manager)*
*E3 – SrSDE/SrAO ( Sr. Manager)*
E4 – DE/CAO ( Asst. GM).
i.e. 10 years in E3 scale in spite of a functional promotion in between.

*Conclusion : The executives of BSNL are put into a loose-loose situation with the proposed CCH. Either accept E1 for JTO and get next scale with each functional promotion or accept 10 years in E3 scale although functional promotion from Manager to Sr Manager*

*Other pertinent points like fast track promotion, benefits for SC/ST are also missing in the proposal*.

The issue of converting promotion to Sr SDE/Sr AO as functional promotion is of vital importance for the cadre. Earlier whenever this issue was deliberated in any forum, the decision was always against introduction of a functional grade between SDE/AO and DE/CAO. Now SNEA has given its consent for introduction of the functional grade Sr Manager. *Will they kindly inform the executive fraternity when and in which forum they deliberated and decided such vital issue. If deliberated then why they kept it secret from the entire community of Executives of BSNL.*

It is also interesting to note the attitude of AIGETOA leadership. As claimed by SNEA in their website, AIGETOA was also consulted while planning this secret CCH. If it is true how they gave consent to such system which is out and out detrimental to all the DRs of BSNL.

*Finally on the point of secrecy. We have earlier experience on management formulating detrimental orders / schemes secretly,. This is the first time we are seeing the Majority Assn. is also becoming a part of the secret mission for damaging the cadre which they represent*.

*Remember only conspiracies are required to be kept secret, good plannings need not.*

CHQ News

Draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy prepared by Pers. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi in collision with SNEA for presentation in BSNL Management Committee on dated 02.11.2017

From reliable sources the following draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy  presented before BSNL Management Committee is attached here >>>>

<<<Click here for draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy>>>>>

AIBSNLEA GUJARAT Wishes you a very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year !