29.10.2019 Wide spread resentment over CMD BSNL’s speech on the eve of Diwali on 25.10.2019 in Corporate Office to BSNL Employees

AIBSNLEA does not support the deliberation of the CMD BSNL on the eve of Diwali regarding the tone, the language, and the way of the speech is highly objectionable as AIBSNLEA CHQ is receiving numerous calls/ whatsapp massage from large number of members from all over the country expressing their anguish and are dejected by the speech of CMD which made the employees demoralized and de-motivated. CMD BSNL has made scapegoat the employees as if they are only responsible for the present situation of the BSNL.
In fact, BSNL become sick mainly due to the wrong procurement policies, improper Management decisions, bad policies and corrupt attitude of the BSNL Management.
BSNL Revival package is approved by the Govt due to continues struggle by the BSNL employees. It is not out of place to point out here that Hon’ble MOC & IT in his Press briefing clearly mentioned that VRS is purely voluntarily, however, it is surprised that CMD BSNL has threatened and compel the employees to opt for VRS? CMD forgot the fact that these BSNL Officers only, who are now maintaining the BSNL network during this present financial crisis in BSNL by paying thousands of rupees from their own pocket. It is nothing but demoralizing, humiliation for the employees who are fully dedicated towards BSNL. We want to know how many senior officers of BSNL, GMs, CGMs, Directors and the CMD contributed from their own pocket to maintain the network during the present crisis.
Hence, AIBSNLEA condemn the speech by our respected CMD, BSNL Shri P K Purwar, on the eve of Diwali.