Yesterday, CS , CP and other circle Office bearers of AIBSNLEA met Hon. CGMT,  and GM ( Admin) , Gujarat Circle and  discussed various HR issues- regarding tenure and Own cost request transfer to be considered in MARCH 2017.

Following points were discussed.

*Transfer orders to be issued as per BSNL transfer policy.

*Consideration of all request transfer in all discipline who has completed two years or going to complete two years up to 31st  July 2017.

*consideration of  all Spouse/ Medical cases of JTOs/ SDEs.

* Consideration of maximum Rule-8 inter circle transfer cases of JTOs.

Hon. CGMT  and GM ( Admin ) Gujarat Circle assured to look into it Positively.

Orders may be expected at the end of this month.


Facility of informal meeting to Support Association in BSNL

BSNL Corporate Office has issued instructions to all CGMs regarding grant of regular informal meetings to Circle and SSA level bodies of AIBSNLEA with local management so that they can effectively function as “Support Association”.

While issuing these instructions BSNL Corporate Office has mentioned that on account of securing majority votes AIBSNLEA has been granted status of Support Association vide letter number BSNL/5-1/SR/2016 dated 13.12.2016 and is granted some facilities including the facility of informal meeting at the discretion of the management. Denial of meeting under the clauses of discretion of the management would be against the spirit of BSNL (REA) Rules, 2014.

Regular meetings with major association(s) of executives will help to maintain healthy and harmonious industrial relations in the company and boost the performance of the executive.

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Yesterday CS, CP with other circle office bearers,  met GM (Admin), O/o CGMT, Gujarat Circle and discussed various HR issues- regarding  tenure and Own cost request transfer, Rule-8 transfer/ transfers on Medical ground  etc  to be considered in MARCH 2017, publishing and updation  of  Waitlist as per the latest guidelines issued by BSNL CO.

The waitlist is likely to be published by the end of first week of March 2017.

The meeting was very fruitful. 


21-02-2017 CHQ News

GS met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding filling up of vacant posts of DEs/CAOs & DGMs. We requested that about 2000 DEs posts, 1000 CAOs posts and about 400 DGM(Engg.) & 100 posts of DGM(Fin.) are vacant. Similarly, about 160 EEs(Civil) posts are also vacant but the vacant posts of DEs/CAOs/EEs(Civil) are not being filled up on the pretext of pending court cases. From DE to DGM, CAO to DGM(Fin.) no court case is pending hence all these posts should be filled up immediately to meet the requirement of field units & to remove the stagnation in the career prospective of Group-‘B’ level executives. CMD appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the matter with Director(HR) for an early action.

We also requested for the implementation of 3rd PRC report with full fitment benefit in BSNL. CMD assured to look into the matter. It is understood that BSNL is submitting its feedback to DoT on 3rd PRC recommendations by tomorrow wherein BSNL is trying to provide 15% fitment benefit (highest fitment benefit) to BSNL executives on implementation of 3rd PRC. The HR Group of BSNL is actively involved in this process under the control of CGM(Legal), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi. AIBSNLEA is pursuing regularly at all the levels.

18-02-2017 CHQ News

Status report on 3rd PRC:

GS met with GM (SR) and discussed regarding the status of 3rd PRC recommendations with reference to BSNL. GM (SR) informed that after the presentation given by DoT to the Group of Secretaries meeting held on 02.02.2017 wherein DoT has been advised to submit  the financial  position of the PSUs under the control of DoT. Accordingly, DoT has asked the feedback / comments of BSNL by Monday in this regard which is being replied shortly.

It is understood that as per 3rd PRC interim report, if a PSU has 20 % liability of PBT on account of 3rd PRC implementation it may give 15% fitment, PSU having 30% liability of PBT on account of 3rd PRC implementation may give 10% fitment and PSU having 40% liability of PBT on account of 3rd PRC implementation may give 5% fitment benefit. At present BSNL’s PBT is minus in %age.


In view of that we have pleaded 3rd PRC to take operational profit of a PSU instead of PBT into consideration.